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Simple Car Customization Ideas

Simple Car Customization Ideas
Some inspiration to get you started.

Vehicle customization is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t just car fanatics, racers, and gear-heads who are customizing their cars these days; automotive customization is available and accessible for people who have never thought of it before. It is simple to tweak your vehicle to add a little personality or improve its performance. If you are interested in upgrading your vehicle, but are unsure about where to start, here are four creative, simple, and inexpensive ways you can spruce up your ride. Don’t have the cash for a new set of rims or custom work? No problem! At Dynamic Hydrographics we help people customize their vehicles everyday using water transfer printing to get you the effect you want for a fraction of buying all new gear.


The stock interior lights of our cars are designed to be inoffensive to the masses, not to create an atmosphere or suite your individual taste. Changing the interior lighting of your car by replacing the bulbs in your dashboard, instrument panel, and other interior systems gives you incredible control over how you feel inside your car. If you are happy with your interior lighting situation, you can add some personality by changing the exterior lights – such as with a light-up license plate system or an underglow. Make sure to consult local regulations before committing to any of these customizations.

Custom Wheels

Simply upgrading your wheels can dramatically change the look of your vehicle. Custom wheels can be made from and finished with a varietyof materials, such as aluminum, chrome, and powder coat. To add serious personality, consider adding spinners or custom graphics to your wheels. If you are looking for a performance upgrade, look into racing or off-road wheels.

Top Tip: Rims are a great candidate for hydrographics. Just being your rims down to the shop and we can paint and dip them with any pattern you want. Get the best of the custom world without the custom price.

Custom Plates

If custom wheels sound a little flashy for your taste, custom license plates are an effective way to make your car more personal. You can have custom plates that spell out your name (or perhaps the name you have given to your vehicle) or use custom plates to show off your creative side with clever puns or something that reveals your personality. This is a great way to make your car a little more unique, without going overboard on customizations.

Customized option: Bring your license plate holders into the shop have them painted and dipped. We can make a normal license plate holder look 100% custom in a jiffy.

Engine Performance Enhancers

Tinkering with your engine can make an incredible difference in your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. Modifications such as adjusting your exhaust, camshaft, turbocharger, or carburetor can dramatically improve your horsepower and improve your ride. However, only someone who has received training from an auto mechanics school should attempt to install complicated modifications. Given the potential benefits of engine modifications, it can absolutely be worth it to buy the parts and hire a professional to install them properly.

If you have any questions, or have some creative ideas you would like to share, give us a shout any time.

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