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Sports Gear: Customized

Customize Your Gear
For WAY less than you think!

When the NHL and other sporting institutions made wearing masks and pads an unbreakable rule, some players saw it as a necessary evil, while others saw it for what it really was: a blank canvas. Sporting gear has been customized and personalized by every player since then and is a major form of creative expression for modern players.

If you are a minor leaguer or a weekend road hockey warrior, custom airbrushed paint jobs might be a bit out of your budget. They are expensive, highly specialized, and the detail doesn’t hold up to constant punishment. What we do at Victoria Hydrographics is prime and base coat your gear any colour you like, then dip it with water transfer printing to make any pattern you like. We then clearcoat the finished piece 4 times to give it an extremely strong finish that can handle many seasons of wear. If you check out the samples below you will see Lacrosse pads that have been heavily punished, goalie masks that have been pelted, and golf clubs that have been driven enough to wear off any custom paint job, but still look perfect from their hydrographic dip.

This is by far the cheapest, quickest, and most durable way to customize your gear to your own specs, while not completely emptying your wallet.

Check out the samples below, we think you are going to love what you see.

Sports Gear Portfolio

Lacrosse Goalie Pads

These customized Lacrosse Goalie Pads are just dripping with style and personality. Ready for the big game.

Hades Goalie Mask

This Hades printed goalie mask with a glowing Candy Red clear coat is a menacing on the ice as it is stylish.

Lacrosse Head & Bottle

We add flex agent to our paints to get maximum durability for anything that bends of flexes. You gotta see these!

Goalie Mask (Water Drop)

From bog standard, off the shelf equipment, to a work of art using hydrographics. Custom work, not custom price.

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