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The History Of Custom Goalie Masks

History of Goalie Masks
Customizing in the NHL

A black felt pen wielded in protest is the root of the goalie mask design revolution which has changed the literal face of hockey.

Almost 50 years later, goaltending masks have evolved into artistic storytelling of the highest order with colorful, intricate designs a seemingly mandatory part of every goaltender’s wardrobe all the way down to the youth level.

Gerry Cheevers had no idea he was starting a movement during a non-descript practice in the late 1960s. He had retreated from the ice after being hit in the mask with a shot. Ordered back on the ice, Cheevers filed his protest first, having a trainer draw the representation of 10 stitches on his white mask where the puck struck him moments earlier.

Each time Cheevers took a puck to the mask thereafter, more stitches were added. Before long, every inch was covered by angry black lines. The protest served as a stark visual reminder of the damage that could have been done without a mask.

It also became a defining moment in the history of goalie masks, the spark for the seemingly endless artistic and personal expression by NHL goaltenders today.

Goalie Masks and Hydrographics

Today we are continuing the trend of goalie mask customizing, along with helmets and gear from all contact sports, but we are using hydrographics, which is a much cheaper alternative. By using the latest technology we are able to help junior players as well as hobbyists to have their custom gear fantasies come true at a fraction of the price as it used to be. No airbrushers or artists needed.

We are able to base coat your mask or protective gear in any colour you like. We then lay on top a hydrographic pattern of your choosing, many of which are transparent so your base colour shines through. We then finish it with a transparent clear coat that brings the entire design to life.

You can check out our portfolio right here, and if you have a custom job you would like done, just click here and send us a message, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi, What are your price ranges for custom goalie masks. The red hades for example was really cool. Also do you have any comic book character type designs? Thanks

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