Blue Eyed Boogeyman

This pattern creeps us out!

There’s something “spidery” about these hairy little guys and you almost expect them to jump out and skittle across the floor!

Perfect on a tank, cowling, hardhat or helmet, as well as anything you want to “up the creepiness” factor!

Solid colour.


2 thoughts on “Blue Eyed Boogeyman

  1. Wondering about what it would cost to do this on a goalie helmet with possibly changing the blue to orange to match my team colours if possible

    1. Hi Zac,

      The Blue-Eyed Boogeyman cannot be changed but we do have another pattern that was not posted on our website yet.
      I just added it now so if you like you can take a look at it. It is Red Eyed Skulls and is very similar but with red eyes instead of blue.
      It is black & red ink on clear so you can put it on an orange base if you like.

      It is predominantly black but the hands and outlines would be in orange. The eyes would be enhanced I think with the orange.
      Helmets start at $185.00 + tax. We can also add a number or name for an additional charge.
      If you have Instagram you can also check out @dynamichydrographics and @dynamichydrographics_patterns for inspiration.

      Thank you for your inquiry and we hope to work with you soon!


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