2009 Challenger – Under the Hood

Our customer wanted to have more under the hood than just horsepower!

A gambler at heart he just had to have Flaming Aces on his Hemi engine cover.  Now he takes a little bit of Vegas with him every time his rubber hits the road. Four of a kind for a one of a kind car!

Now we call that a winning streak!


2 thoughts on “2009 Challenger – Under the Hood

  1. Hello Keith here, wow I love what you have done, the car just keeps getting famous. I like the write up and if you want more pictures I will do it, I just want to find the right place. I have been busy with golf lessons so I can get better and I also took bike lessons and now I have a bike so I came up with ideas. I will actually bring the car over. I will be in touch. Thank you for using my car I really like what has been done.

    1. Thanks Keith!
      We love how it turned out too.
      Great choice of patterns – Flaming Aces looks awesome as does the Fire Bomb on the grille insert. The bronze carbon fibre seems like the perfect accent for the orange. Yes, please send us more pics of your car showing the whole effect! We posted your car on Instagram and judging by the response – people want to see more – it’s very well liked!
      We would love to work with you on your bike and hear your ideas! Btw, we also do golf clubs – it may not help your swing but it’ll make you look good trying, lol!

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