Custom Engine Cover

Engine Cover in Pink Carbon & Pink Tronn Fiber and

Custom Engine Cover in Pink Tron Circut Board  & True Weave Carbon Fiber 

This VW Eos is pretty in pink under the hood.  We dressed up the engine & battery covers by painting them a metallic pink then dipping them first in Pink Tron followed by True Weave Carbon Fiber.

We love dipping engine compartment pieces!  It’s one of the simplest ways to customize your ride since the parts are usually easy to remove.  It’s great if you’re a bit shy but still want to show off your style plus you’ll enjoy the attention at your next oil change! 

If you’re going for bold and into showing off the beast under your hood – hydrographics is definitely for you!  We can coordinate your engine bay with it’s exterior by dipping rims, grilles, bumpers and rocker panels.

We love creativity and celebrating individuality – it’s at the core of every job we do!  From helmets to hardhats, bumpers to rims, and everything else that fits in between – if it can be dipped it can be custom!

Most of our patterns offer the versatility of changing the background colour to suit your style.  Imagine this carbon fiber on silver, red, or blue!  We have a wide variety of base colours to choose from.

With over 200 patterns to choose from – what will your custom engine cover look like?


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