Custom Half-shell Motorcycle Helmet

Half shell motorcycle helmet in Crazy Paisley pattern

This custom half-shell motorcycle helmet is gorgeous in the Crazy Paisley pattern on metallic gold paint.  Absolutely stunning in the sunlight!

This pattern changes its appearance by changing the base colour.  On a white or yellow base, the bright blues, pinks and yellows pop giving a more playful look.  Silver or gold bases give it a sophisticated, classy appearance!

Most of our patterns offer the versatility of changing the background colour to suit your style.  Imagine this pattern on white, silver, yellow, or blue!  We have a wide variety of base colours to choose from.

We love creativity and celebrating individuality – it’s at the core of every job we do!  From helmets to hardhats, bumpers to rims, and everything else that fits in between – if it can be dipped it can be custom!

With over 200 patterns to choose from – what will your custom motorcycle helmet look like?



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