Kuiu Verde 2.0 Rifle Stock

Alan Klassen has fond memories of acting as a guide for Kuiu/Sitka founder Jason Hairston.
Hunting together in the Yukon wilderness is something Alan wants to remember every time he reaches for his rifle. Hydro-dipping his stock in Kuiu Verde 2.0 is more than just decoration; it’s a tribute to a man whose love of outdoor adventure and of the hunt is legendary. We’re proud to have been a part of that.


2 thoughts on “Kuiu Verde 2.0 Rifle Stock

    1. Hi Fred,
      We’d love to help you out but need some info:
      Are you outside Canada? If so, sadly, we cannot accept your stock as Customs is really uptight about this.
      The process does not adhere very well to soft rubberized surfaces like sure-grip. We can mask off grip areas though and they still look great!
      Kuiu Verde 2.0 is a premium licenced film so there is an upcharge. Please email us directly with more info on your stock (wood or synthetic, grips…). A picture can help too.
      Email is: info@dynamichydrographics.com

      Thank you for your inquiry.

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